Nicole and I have been utilising Andrew’s financial planning services for the last four years. Following our initial meeting with Andrew we felt comfortable and confident in his ability to provide financial advice that was tailored to our requirements and appetite for risk. Andrew’s advice and management of our portfolio has significantly exceeded our expectations! We find Andrew knowledgeable, educational and someone of the highest integrity. Our engagement with Andrew has been first class and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for financial advice.

Ian & Nicole – Balwyn North

We have been clients of Mr Andrew McGrath at Windsor Advisory for several years. Throughout this period, Andrew has always acted with our best interests at heart, proceeding according to the highest professional standards and with careful attention to market trends, which has greatly benefited our financial situation. Beyond this, Andrew has regularly consulted with us about any proposed changes to our portfolio, and where necessary, he has patiently explained the complex world of finance to us in straightforward lay language. With Andrew and Windsor Advisory, we feel that our assets are superbly managed and our interests well looked after, and this gives us feelings of considerable security and peace of mind.

Ms Cherry Rattue and (Dr) Alfred Gabay

I have had the privilege of coming to know Andrew through the need to establish a financial portfolio to support my future retirement years. I found Andrew to have a lovely disposition and his integrity as a human being are embedded in the work he carries out and understands so well.  Andrew not only impressed me with his professionalism, which included his appearance, promptness and social grace, but more importantly, his character and personality.  These qualities are a natural part of who Andrew is. He made me feel very comfortable in his presence which made all communication with him very easy. Andrew understood that much of the jargon and terminology associated with financial planning and associated decision making, is at the best of times, difficult for me to follow. Andrew was very patient and empathetic to this, he explained things clearly and slowly to me, allowing me to ask questions whenever I felt the need. Andrew also impressed me with his listening skills, he made sure he understood my needs and requirements before any action plan was put into place. Andrew seems to be one of those genuine people who holds the concern and best interest of his clients at heart. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew McGrath to any prospective client. I thank Andrew for helping me to regain my faith in my associations with financial Advisers.

Jana – Lower Templestowe


My wife Pauline and I have used the services of Andrew McGrath for more than 6 years. We have found him to be a caring, honest and very professional. He always has our interests at heart and we value his counsel greatly, so much so that we have recommended his services to friends who have been equally happy.

Keith – Brighton


It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Mr. Andrew McGrath and his service as a Financial Adviser.  Andrew has been involved with both me and the company for six years looking after our diversified portfolios with a keen interest for a stable wealth and growth management program.  Andrew’s service has been very attentive, answering any questions that arise, keeping me updated with the changing face of the investment world and making suggestions where the portfolio’s can be improved or refined.  Through his knowledge, honesty and professionalism this leads to a level of trust which gives a good feeling of satisfaction that our financial interests are in good hands. It is this satisfaction that provides confidence that our portfolios are in good shape, considering the state of the current global financial situation.  Without hesitation I would recommend Mr. Andrew McGrath as a Financial Adviser to anyone wishing to develop a secure and stable wealth management future.

Graeme – Somerville


I have the upmost respect for Andrew McGrath as professional financial adviser.  His ability is evaluate and understand the needs of each investment opportunities has been superb as he may recommend a number of options, he will always stresses the final decision is mine.  He always conducts himself with integrity and one of this strengths is he make you feel important as your time is his time.  I have been very pleased with the investment advice and plans which have been implemented over the years as he has been genuinely supported our wealth creation.  He is very understanding and has a genuine caring approach with the opinions and needs of all parties concerned.  I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who is willing to invest in their future as he has made a positive result with our overall financial plans.  There are so many choices in financial advice, however, in my opinion he is undoubtedly the best financial adviser in the business.

Stephen and Lyn – Hampton


I am happy to recommend Andrew McGrath to those looking for a financial adviser. My husband and I have found him to be very supportive, well informed and considerate of our needs during our time as his clients.  The recent financial climate has probably been the worst time to retire, but Andrew has guided us through it, respected our wishes and been sensitive to our concerns. His calm, honest approach gives us confidence that we will end up secure and his recommended decisions on our behalf have made sense. At all times he has been quick to respond, and to provide advice or answer our questions whenever we needed it.  We feel much less anxious at this time than we would if we were without financial counsel and Andrew’s warmth and sincerity makes him feel more like a helpful friend than a service provider.  We have recommended Andrew to our friends and several have also become his clients.  All comment on the same qualities of his caring, approachable, helpful yet well informed style.

Marilyn – Bendigo


Andrew McGrath has been serving as my financial advisor since 2003.  I am a retired Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Melbourne and my knowledge of financial matters is minimal. Without Andrew’s advice I could not manage my superannuation obtained after more than 40 years of lecturing at the University of Melbourne.  I have an absolute trust in Andrew’s professionalism and honesty. I trust him unconditionally and don’t feel that there is need to check my portfolio after Andrew brings it to me. He is extremely helpful, comes to see me at home, so I don’t have to drive to his office. If I have some problems that are not directly connected with Andrew’s duties, he does not hesitate and comes to give me his professional advice.  I can honestly and sincerely recommend Andrew for his excellent professional and personal qualities and wish him good luck in many years to come.

Sophie – St. Kilda West


In these times of economic uncertainty I feel that I have been very fortunate to have you (Andrew McGrath) as a financial advisor – someone in whom I have full confidence.  Your regular provision of timely information which I find to be reliable, lucid and to the point are an indication of your professional approach to your work. Your handling of my investments is always prompt and without complications which leaves me with no doubt as to your trustworthiness and honesty.  I appreciate your concern with my general well being and your kind nature and have had no hesitation in recommending your services to friends and colleagues.

Bill – Warburton


Mr Andrew J McGrath has been my financial advisor for about six years. In this time, he has advised me on all matters pertaining to my investments and always supplied me with the wherewithal to fully understand these transactions. My portfolio has performed extremely well and Andrew’s suggestions have always been absolutely correct for my particular circumstances.  He is a gentleman of very high morals and ethics and always does everything as it should be done…. Extremely efficient and always available to discuss any matters that may need clarification.  But apart from his integrity and ability, he has become a friend who is always interested in me, my family and is always available to discuss any problems I need to address.  He has always given me sound advice and assistance to enable me to have peace of mind, as I know he will always try to do the very best he can for me, and I trust his judgement and advice.

Molly – Caulfield South


Andrew is a highly regarded member of the financial services community. I have always found him to be a reliable and trustworthy individual in my business dealings with him.

Sharon – St. Kilda

Andrew has provided informative advice throughout our long association. The advice has been based on detailed research and investigation and this has always been forwarded to us, as clients, and explained clearly and without bias.  Andrew has met with us regularly – with updated information on our portfolio, well documented and clearly presented. He has regularly made suggestions for improvements to the portfolio, again based on evidence through his investigation.  Andrew has always displayed a very professional approach, and been a dedicated and trustworthy adviser. I would recommend him to future clients and you could be assured you would receive thorough, confidential and expert advice tailored to your needs and desires. We have faith in Andrew’s advice and judgements and his very genuine, caring approach is much appreciated.

Patsy and Gary – Tallangatta


Andrew is a person of the highest personal integrity

Jon – Prahran


I have found Andrew to have the highest integrity in the way he operates his business and provides financial advice. He conducts himself in a very professional manner and is open and frank in his advice. There is no degree of over servicing or pushing certain products rather, Andrew ensures I am aware of the relevant opportunities or products without the need or obligation to act. I have known Andrew for a number of years and over this period of time we have continued to have an open and trustworthy relationship.

Mark – Glen Iris


We have been consulting Andrew as a financial adviser for over 3 years.  During this time we have found Andrew to be candid, honest and clear regarding his advice to us. Even during the tumultuous global financial crisis Andrew continued to give clear advice as to where he felt we could make the most of our opportunities. As several companies struggled Andrew was there, proactively to explain – in clear English – any implications to us both personally and generally.  Andrew has been asked to further clarify issues at times and has been prompt with his dealings with our accountant when required.  We would not hesitate to recommend Andrew as a professional and friendly financial adviser.

Harold and Tracie – Caulfield


Andrew and his team get it spot on. They apply personal, practical advice on how to best structure my finances, and deal with me in a highly professional manner. I find that the regular portfolio updates are insightful, timely and personalised. As a time-poor individual, Andrews no-nonsense approach to advice and doing the ‘heavy lifting’ to ensures that those small but vital things are taken care, and allows me to sleep at night. I would recommend Andrew to any of my colleagues, and to anyone needing financial guidance.

Adam – Manly


Thanks for looking after the investments of my superannuation. I appreciate your efforts of ensuring that the investments made are to the benefit of your clients and you always try to help whenever I have question and doubt I think this is very importance to someone who have no financial back ground. I definitely will recommend you to my friends and relative if they ever need any Financial advice.

Alice – Tullamarine


A couple of years ago I was discussing my finances with a friend of mine and she suggested I get in touch with her financial adviser Andrew McGrath. She said that I would like Andrew as he knew what he was doing, he was reliable and down to earth. As I had not approached a financial adviser before I did not know what to expect. When I had my initial meeting with Andrew I was immediately at ease. Andrew asked the right questions to obtain information about my current financial situation and what my short/long term plan were. I walked away from the meeting feeling good about my future financial security and I knew that I wanted Andrew to help me reach those goals.  After the initial meeting Andrew’s statement of advice was impressive. He had managed to document what I wanted and options about how I could obtain them. Andrew made the plans logical and easily achievable. Part of Andrew’s review was also an assessment of how I had been managing my finances and savings. His suggestions made sense to me. I left that meeting with an action plan of very simple things I could change (usually with one phone call).  The reorganisation of my finances has managed to save me a significant amount. Andrew is available when I need him for advice and his advice is always practical and easy to achieve. I also like how  proactive he is in reviewing my finances, particularly my superannuation. One year I ended up making money on my super where family and friends made a loss.  I have recommended Andrew to friends of mine and they also think highly of him.  Since having Andrew as my financial adviser I can honestly say I am not worried about my financial security for the future. I agree with Andrew’s advice, I like him as a person and I trust him with my money.

Katrina – Burwood


This time last year I was busily making appointments to see financial advisers associated with my bank, credit union, teacher’s union and two major superannuation funds due to my impending retirement in April 2010. It was a fascinating but tiring experience trying to understand how my well earned superannuation after 35 years of service to the Department of Education and Training would be ably and confidently managed.  I had heard and am still hearing of some horror stories from people who have lost a lot of money and had their livelihoods shattered from advisers’ poor planning and as a consequence these people are still working or are living a life that they hadn’t imagined they would be living in their sixties and seventies.  I happened to mention my dilemma to two long term friends and they recommended Andrew McGrath.  I must admit I hesitated in approaching another adviser and wondering how his advice would differ from the other five I had seen.  Meeting Andrew was different from the others and I felt relaxed and listened intently to what he was advising.  What finally won me was that Andrew suggested I incorporate my share portfolio into my Super, an idea that was never mooted by anyone else.  Andrew’s personal approach and the ease he answered my queries really helped me decide which adviser to appoint to look after my financial affairs.  As the time was rapidly approaching to my retirement and me busily planning for an overseas trip I was really pushing the time restraints to finalise all my details but Andrew guided me through all the paperwork and I know I rang and emailed him many times querying a simple matter or asking a question but that didn’t faze Andrew. He was and still is very polite and extremely patient when dealing with me, a total novice in this area, but am an eager learner.  I have a folder of every correspondence that Andrew has sent me and is so easy to refer to.  Andrew has regularly sent me recommendations over the past year to sell or buy stock and to vary my portfolio. I have accepted all of these, but taken my time to read all of his recommendations, so as to be sure I am relaxed with the changes.  It is so reassuring to meet a financial adviser who you are confident to work with, who you trust with your finances and who always remembers who his clients are -be small or large.  I would happily recommend Andrew to my friends and relatives.

Carol – Glen Iris