What do our clients look like?

Mums and Dads

Most of our clients are Mum’s and Dad’s, family focussed people who want to make the best of their financial situation for them, their children and those they love.  Building a nest egg of wealth takes time and focus and many of our clients work with us to free up their precious time to spend with the ones they love.  They appreciate the value of good old fashioned service and caring advice and often comment about what a difference we have made to their lives.  For some their families are full time jobs, whilst for many they are also busy with work;

Busy professionals

When you’re dedicated to managing a successful professional practice, time is your scarcest resource. So it can be difficult to give your own finances the attention they truly deserve.

That’s where Windsor Advisory can help. We specialise in helping busy professionals manage, extend and protect their growing wealth, with sophisticated solutions and exclusive opportunities.

We can help you respond to the specialised challenges you may be facing — from tax planning, to SMSF set-up and administration. So you can continue to focus on your professional life, knowing your finances are in good hands.


Your career is satisfying and demanding — but it also leaves you with little time to devote to anything else.

Meanwhile, as your career progresses, your financial needs are becoming more complex.

At Windsor Advisory, we act as your personal CFO, with sophisticated strategies to help you manage, extend and preserve your growing wealth. They include expert advice on salary packaging, share and option schemes, tax planning and SMSFs, with specialised solutions to ensure your money works as hard as you do.

Business owners

Successful business owners understand they can’t do everything on their own. So it’s essential to have an experienced team behind you that you can trust to keep your best interests at heart.

We work with you to unlock the value you’ve worked so hard to create. As well as investing the income your business produces now, we can help you prepare for your next step, with tailored business succession strategies designed to maximise value and protect you, your business partners and your employees. We can even show you how to manage your cashflow more effectively, reducing debt and generating an ongoing income stream that will underpin your family’s lifestyle for years to come.


A self-managed super fund (SMSF) gives you more control over your future, with a wider range of investment opportunities to choose from — but it also involves some weighty responsibilities. Not only do you need to comply with a multitude of increasingly complex regulatory obligations, you also need to devise and document a suitable investment strategy, while managing your portfolio in a fast-changing investment environment.

We can take the complexity out of running an SMSF, with personalised advice and support to help you set up and administer your fund, and a comprehensive investment strategy tailored to your investment time frame and retirement goals. So you can maximise your super savings and look forward to a secure and prosperous retirement.

High-net worth individuals

As your wealth increases and your financial situation becomes more complex, you need increasingly sophisticated strategies to make the most of your growing resources and safeguard the prosperity you’ve worked so hard to create. That’s where Windsor Advisory can help.

We specialise in tailored solutions for high-net worth individuals, with personalised investment planning, astute portfolio management and advanced strategies including trusts, SMSFs, gearing and tax-effective investments.

Investors approaching or in self funded retirement

Today, Australians are living longer and staying more active in retirement than ever before. As a result, our financial needs in retirement are also rising. So it’s essential to plan ahead and make the most of your resources if you want to enjoy the retirement you’ve always looked forward to.

Windsor Advisory can help you realise your dream of future prosperity, using a range of proven strategies including salary sacrifice, self-managed superannuation and transition to retirement. We can also help to safeguard your savings from the effects of market volatility, generating more income with less risk.